Die with your mask on!

Where were you when all of the embers fell? I still remember them, covered in ash, covered in glass, covered in all my friends. I still think of the bombs they built . . .

Recently, My Chemical Romance released Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Aside from being a great rock album, it brought to life a post-holocaust America; a punk dystopia filled with the dried carcass of a dead consumer culture. For comic book fans, there are plenty of dystopic stories littered through the various multiverses that make up our collections. But, for me, there are two that stand out above the rest. The first, an untouchable classic, is Days of Future Past (The Uncanny X-Men, #141-42) published in 1981. It was a world (Earth 811) filled with anti-mutant hysteria. Where most of the mutant heroes were dead and many mutants spent their days in concentration camps run by the ever importunate and powerful Sentinels.

The second, released from 1995 to 1996 and spanning the X-Men franchise, was Age of Apocalypse. Sparked by the failed attempt of Legion, son of Professor X, to kill Magento (who would go on to lead the X-Men and champion his fallen friend’s dream of human and mutant coexistence), it took place in an alternate universe (Earth 295) where Apocalypse ruled North America, enslaving humans and preparing for world domination. And, it’s story arc sent ripples through Earth 616, including Dark Beast’s manipulation of the Morlocks faction Gene Nation, Sugar Man giving the Genegineer of Genosha the means to enslave their mutant population, Blink’s survival, and the exploits of Holocaust.

Drawing on the mythos of Danger Days, this new Marvel Super Heroes campaign is an ambitious combination of those two dark worlds. With most of the mutant heroes dead or enslaved, it now falls to a ragged band of mutants, commonly known as Killjoys, to save what’s left of North America and possibly the world. Will they seek out the remaining X-Men, following in Xavier’s footsteps, and help to build a new future where humans and mutants live together in equality? Will they try to find the source of this alternate dark future and attempt to repair the splintered timeline, erasing their very own existence? Or, will they join forces with Apocalypse and serve as the vanguard for a new world order on the broken backs of homo sapien sapien?

A radioactive wasteland ripe for exploration, Earth 895 is in dire need of heroes. But, first you must survive.

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Earth 895

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