Wild Weasels

“You should make one of them Wolverine,” Sister Spooky said. “If they think he’s in the area then they sure as hell ain’t gonna bother us.”

A wild weasel is an electronic decoy designed to imitate the organic signature of a mutant or of specific mutants. Wild weasels create a multitude of mutant readings on an organic analyzer’s scanner (whether used by the Draculoids or Sentinels), allowing real mutants to blend into the general chaos created by the multitude of false readings. Obviously, though, a wild weasel also attracts the attention of Draculoids or Sentinels in the area. When an organic scanner suddenly populates with mutant signatures, someone is always going to investigate. It is much harder to locate than a jammer, but is correspondingly more difficult to design and build. Instead of building a device with one rank, a wild weasel has three. Its three applicable ranks are range, resolution and personality. Wild weasel


  • Wild weasel ranges are identical to jammer ranges. False readings or signatures will be created within that range.


  • This is the number of false readings or images or signatures the weasel can create. It equals the device’s resolution rank number. For example, a wild weasel with RM (30) resolution can create up to 30 false mutant readings.


  • The device’s ability to mimic the organic signature of a specific mutant is measured by its Personality. When sorting out the multitude of targets, Draculoids and Sentinels usually zero in on recognized signatures before pursuing unidentified mutants (depending on proximity). It is a good idea, therefore, to program the weasel so it creates images of famous mutant fugitives, e.g. Wolverine. Another trick is programming the weasel to project multiple images of the mutants who will be using it for cover, making it impossible to pick out the real mutants.

A TY (6) wild weasel is the size of a smart phone; those with higher resolution ranks are approximately the size of a large laptop computer.

Wild Weasels

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