Wellness Agents

Assuring your continued wellness, Better Living Industries is proud to offer you the assistance of our qualified Wellness Agents whenever we deem your happiness is in danger. Your calm is safe with us.

As soon as Better Living Industries began disaster aide relief, they realized it was necessary to provide some level of security. Initially, this role fell to their corporate security force. However, as it became clear that such a force would be inadequate to providing for the safety of the ever growing populations in their relief sites and, with the reconstruction of cities underway, the growing need of a better equipped permanent security force arose. Hence, they created the Wellness Corp.

Since its inception, the Wellness Corp seeks out qualified applicants with a confirmed Human Status to train to serve as Wellness Agents. The training involves intensive psychological conditioning, drug therapy, memory alteration, physical conditioning and courses in corporate asset control and management. When the process is complete, the individual is considered to be a shinning example of rehabilitated humanity. They’re trademark flat affects and white suits have become the face of BL/ind for many.

A typical Wellness Agent has the following abilities:

Fighting: GD (10)
Agility: GD (10)
Strength: TY (6)
Endurance: GD (10)
Reason: TY (6)
Intuition: TY (6)
Psyche: TY (6)
Health: 36
Karma: 18

Depending on their assignment, Wellness Agents can carry a wide variety of equipment. Here is a list of their most common equipment:

  • plasma pistol
  • stun pistol
  • stun baton
  • LCD lamp
  • protective Vest
  • restraint ties
  • smartphone with instant two-way communication

Wellness Agents always travel in pairs. Most often, they patrol on foot. When they’re patrolling a larger district, though, they use solar power and electric hybrid vehicles. Each such vehicle is equipped with a plasma rifle, radiation medkit, fire extinguisher and GPS tracking system.

As they’re not particularly equipped to detect mutants or to deal with them, Wellness Agents are typically only found patrolling human only districts and anomalous human zones.

Wellness Agents

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