Universal Table


From Marvel Super Heroes Players Book:

Check out the table. It looks similar to the one provided in the Original MARVEL SUPER HEROES Set and indeed it contains all the information of the original, plus a few other things.

First, instead of one number, each ability has a rank range as opposed to a single rank number. Previously, a Remarkable Strength had a rank number of 30, rain or shine. Now, a Strength anywhere from 26 to 35 is considered to be Remarkable and FEATs using Remarkable Strength use this column. The standard rank numbers (used with pregenerated characters) are listed above the Rank Range.

Second, there are more columns in this table than the previous one. There are now a Shift Y and Shift Z beyond Shift X, to allow super heavyweights (like an angry Hulk) to reach higher levels. Note the separation between Shift Z and Class 1000. You cannot shift in normal circumstances above Shift Z.

There are three additional columns above Class 1000, to help better define the more powerful cosmic individuals of the Marvel Universe. Class 3000 and Class 5000 will be beyond the reach of most Marvel player characters. And, the Beyond level will be possessed only by the most powerful beings, those capable of wiping out a universe with a mere thought.

Despite these additions, the Universal Table functions the same way as previously. The player rolls the dice and cross-references the number with her rank for a result.

Universal Table

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