Masking Devices

“Are you sure this going to work?” Cherry asked. “The last thing I need is to be surrounded by a squad of Dracs, all hungry for their next kill.”

Simply put, a masking device or mask is an electronic device which fools an organic analyzer into concluding that no mutants or anomalous humans are present. When Killjoys exhort each other to “Die with your mask on” they’re most commonly referring to this device. The phrase itself is meant to convey the hope that the person won’t die at the hands of BL/ind agents or in the concentration camps but on their own terms.

A mask is one of the most powerful devices available to Killjoys. They’re not terribly difficult to build, either, but they do require some special components and data that are hard to come by. Most importantly, building an effective mask requires a thorough understanding of how the specific organic analyzer to be fooled (either those employed by Draculoids or those used by Sentinels) works. This means that the person designing a mask must have that specific organic analyzer to examine. In addition to this, a mask requires a refractive fold generator, which must be built separately.

A mask has two applicable ranks: range and density. Range determines both how large an area the device can conceal and how many individuals it can conceal. This information is listed on the range table below:

Mask Ranges
Rank Range Characters
Feeble 2 feet 1
Poor 4 feet 2
Typical 6 feet 3
Good 8 feet 4
Excellent 10 feet 6
Remarkable 1 area 8
Incredible 1 area 10
Amazing 1 area 15
Monstrous 2 areas 25
Unearthly 4 areas 40

The mask’s density rank measures how difficult it is for an organic analyzer to penetrate the screen. A Typical mask is about the size of a flash drive.

Masking Devices

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