Blitz Puppy crossed his fingers and activated the jammer. DJ Wargasm had assured him it would work but he didn’t liking trusting his life to something so small and fragile.

Jammers are easy to build devices, ranging in size from a matchbook to a small car depending on their strength, that can disrupt a variety of signals (e.g. radio, radar or those produced by organic analyzers). While effective, using a jammer is risky. Though it hides a mutant’s location, the signal disruption sends a very clear message that something is going on. Whether Draculoids or Sentinels, they immediately go to work trying to locate the source of the jamming signal. They have only one applicable rank: range.

Jammer Range Table Jammer
Rank Range
Shift 0 1 area
Feeble 2 areas
Poor 4 areas
Typical 6 areas
Good 20 areas
Excellent 1 mile
Remarkable 5 miles
Incredible 20 miles
Amazing 50 miles
Monstrous 150 miles
Unearthly 500 miles

The following information comes from Nightmares of Future Past (TSR6873 MX1):

The jammer’s range is a radius. For example, a jammer with Incredible range has a radius of 20 miles, so it jams an area of approximately 1,250 square miles. Everything within its range is blacked out to the signal device.

Determining the jammer’s size is simple. Its weight is equal to its range rank number divided by three.1 An Amazing range jammer, for example, weighs about 17 pounds. A Good range jammer, thusly, weighs about 3 pounds and makes it much easier to hide or ideal for jamming very localized signals.

As stated above, the activation of a jammer immediately puts Draculoids and Sentinels on alert and they will immediately begin trying to locate and destroy the jammer. This means that small jammers, Typical or less in rank range, are always located in under an hour. This makes them useful for creating diversions, but little else.

1 The original formula was “a jammer equals its range rank number in pounds.” However, technology has advanced immensely since the module was published in the mid 80s. To reflect this advancement, the formula needed to be updated. Though, technically, the weight could be based on an even smaller fraction of the rank range, I felt the lack of resources available in a post-holocaust world might make such micro-engineering impractical and difficult.


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