The mutant hound tilted her head slightly to the left. Just on the edge of her senses she could feel it moving, breathing, panicking. Just a little further now . . .

Not all mutant captives spend the rest of their days in concentration camps and suffering the side effects of The Cure. In rare cases, mutants with specific powers are utilized in BL/ind’s Enhanced Search Personnel program or ESP. These captive mutants subjected to extreme forms of conditioning, far beyond those utilized with Wellness Agents, centered around pain and pleasure responses. The result is a mutant that will instantly obey the commands of its handler. After conditioning, these “hounds” are assigned to Draculoid squads operating in areas with heavy mutant activity for one purpose only: to ferret out fugitive mutants. A typical mutant hound’s abilities are listed below.

Fighting: GD (10)
Agility: GD (10)
Strength: TY (6)
Endurance: IN (36)
Reason: PR (4)
Intuition: MN (63)
Psyche: RM (26)

Health: 64
Karma: 109

Known Powers:
Emotion Detection: RM (30)

  • Hounds can pick up human or mutant emotional states with Remarkable ability.

Mutant Detection: EX (20)

  • By concentrating, a hound can sense the presence of a mutant mind within six areas with Excellent accuracy.

Astral Detection: EX (20)

  • Their senses also extend into the astral plane and they have an Excellent ability to identify what they sense there.



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