Free Fire Zone

Warning, Citizen. You are entering a designated Free Fire Zone. Emergency Services Personnel and Law Enforcement Officers will not enter. Habeas Corpus has been suspended. This is a military controlled zone. There is no law.

Both the United States of America and the Democratic States of America have demarcated Hot Zones and certain outlying areas around metropolitan centers as Free Fire Zones.

These militaries define a Free Fire Zone as “a specific designated area into which any weapon system may fire without additional coordination with the establishing headquarters.” Following from this, two additional protocols were implemented: (1) anyone unidentified in a Free Fire Zone is considered an enemy combatant, and (2) military personnel may shoot any person moving around in such designated zones after curfew without the need to determine whether or not they are hostile.

BL/ind has also adopted this designation for all outer population zones (Zone 6) near their two metro-complexes, namely Battery City and New Hope City.

The creation and designation of these zones followed shortly after martial law was declared by the remaining members of Congress and the President’s cabinet after The Holocaust. Though the newly reconstituted U.S.A. and the D.S.A. are no longer operating in a state of emergency, neither government has removed their military from involvement in domestic law enforcement. So, Free Fire Zones remain in effect throughout many parts of both countries.

The continued utilization of Free Fire Zones still has strong public support. And, both governments argue that they are critical tools in the establishment and protection of “public safety” against “the mutant menace.” However, in almost all cases, the legal limbo status of these zones has transformed them into pockets of anarchy filled with criminal gangs, black markets, anomalous humans, mutants and of course, Killjoys.

Free Fire Zone

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