“Thanks to the help of my colleagues at Better Living Industries, I’m pleased to be able to finally offer real hope to all of those who have suffered horribly with the dehumanizing and disabling disease of mutantism. With our help, they will finally be able to live a life of normalcy and productivity that is the right of every American.”

In 2014, Better Living Industries announced to the public that it had developed a cure for “mutantism.” Dr. Kavita Rao, working with the help of BL/ind biochemists and molecular biologists, succeeded in developing a gene therapy program that suppressed all of the effects of the X-Gene1. The drug, delivered via intramuscular injection, is often referred to as “The Cure” or “The Hope Serum.”

Almost immediately, there was public demand for the forced treatment of mutants. And, the Department of Mutant Affairs, created by Executive Order 14119, began purchasing massive quantities for use “in assisting those most debilitated by the harmful disease of mutantism” on their reservations. Within six months, procedures surrounding the drug had standardized. Any registered mutant or renegade mutant apprehended would be offered the drug during processing. If the mutant accepted the offer, they were treated and released onto the reservation. However, if the mutant refused the treatment, they were put into a maximum security internment camp to “better ensure the most effective management of their disease.” This choice has since become known as “Camp or Cure.”

The first publicly announced mutant to receive the ERAD treatment was a young mutant girl by the name of Tildie Soames. She had the unique and terrible power to manifest her own dreams. Without the ability to control it, it led to the death of her parents and a local police officer. Amongst mutants, the drug is controversial. Usually, those mutants who have registered and are living on reservations believe that it is a realistic solution, though not ideal, to their difficulties and provide them with an opportunity to live more normal lives. In comparison to this, free or “renegade” mutants, see it yet another ugly and horrifying example of the homogenization of humanity and the outright erasure of their own identities.

1 X-Gene is the DNA complex responsible for the superhuman traits and superpowers manifested by mutants. The name mutant deriving from the understanding that the X-Gene complex is a mutation of typical homo sapien sapien DNA.


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