“I counted two squads of Dracs taking up flanking positions,” Cherry Dust reported. “They’re armed to the teeth and they know we’re here. Now would be a good time to ninja up a plan.”

This is the name, often abbreviated as “Dracs,” Killjoys use to refer to the Special Wellness Assignment Teams or S.W.A.T. assembled and mobilized specifically to deal with mutants. After The Holocaust, when BL/ind first started its relief program, there were many mutants who sought aid. However, the company has a strict policy regarding mutants and the “risk of wellness to humans that this special needs population presents.” Enter the Special Wellness Assignment Teams.

Most SWAT members are pulled from the ranks of Wellness Agents. The only exception are those members that make up each squad’s command team. Command team members receive a specialized conditioning that better enables them to handle the diverse and unexpected situations likely to arise when dealing with a mutant encounter. If a mutant is detected or uncovered, it falls to SWAT to pacify them. Draculoids are most commonly deployed as security force personnel to mutant concentration camps and to protect corporate assets in hostile environments.

A typical Draculoid has the following abilities:

Fighting: EX (16)
Agility: GD (10)
Strength: GD (10)
Endurance: TY (6)
Reason: TY (6)
Intuition: TY (6)
Psyche: GD (10)

Health: 46
Karma: 18

Every Draculoid is assigned the follow equipment (though, this equipment list can be augmented depending upon deployment):

  • plasma rifle
  • knife
  • stun baton
  • concussive grenade (EX)
  • knock-out grenade (EX)
  • infra-green goggles
  • gas mask
  • protective vest
  • environmental protection suit
  • inhibitor cuffs
  • organic analyzer (1 area range)
  • helmet with wireless two-way comm unit

Draculoids always operate in 10 person squads. Each squad is divided into two four person combat teams and a two person command team. The command team coordinates the actions of the two combat teams with each other and with other squads in the area. They are usually deployed in electric armored carriers. In addition to personal equipment, the first combat team carries three stun rifles and a grenade launcher (carries 10 EX knock-out grenades). The second combat team carries two repeating plasma rifles and two M72 LAWs or two AT4s. The command team carries no special weapons but has an organic analyzer with greater range (3 areas). In areas with heavy mutant activity, one member of the command team may be armed with a mutant neutralizer.


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