Campaign Soundtrack

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. – Victor Hugo

At first, it might seem rather strange that a campaign have a soundtrack. But, two things should be obvious immediately. First, the great storytelling of our generation has often happened in the cinema. Second, every one of those stories has a soundtrack. As Victor Hugo intimates above, music has the unique capacity of filling in the emotional blanks, as it were. Even his own work, Les Miserables, was only made more poignant thanks to the incredible musical work of Claude-Michel Schönberg.

From the very beginning, this campaign has been inspired by the comic book setting and mythos of My Chemical Romance’s latest album Danger Days. In other words, it has its roots in music. The Danger Days album is a romp through punk, progressive and stadium rock that tells the story of nuclear holocaust survivors trying to prevent the resurrection of a consumerist culture by fighting the machinations of Better Living Industries. It’s a hopeful punk protest against corporate controlled lives. This album is the true soundtrack to this campaign. And, its themes are the superstructure from which hangs Earth 895.

But, this campaign stretches far beyond the original vision of that excellent album. Not only is it a post-holocaust world—a radioactive dystopia with villainy running amok—being rebuilt by corporate greed, but it is also one filled with mutants and a shared history with Earth 811. So, in order to capture the broader feeling of the campaign, I’ve assembled a playlist of songs that help to flush out some of these themes for the players. The songs are as follows:

  1. Children of the Revolution // T-Rex
  2. Highway to Hell // ACDC
  3. Welcome to the Jungle // Guns N Roses
  4. I’m Against It // The Ramones
  5. Desolation Row // My Chemical Romance
  6. I’m Afraid of Americans // David Bowie
  7. Hardcore Mutha Fucka // DV Roxx
  8. The Fight Song // Marilyn Manson
  9. My Beautiful Friend (Lionrock Mix) // The Charlatans UK
  10. The Only Hope for Me is You // My Chemical Romance
  11. Leave You Far Behind // Lunatic Calm
  12. Waters of Nazareth // Justice
  13. This is the New Shit // Marilyn Manson
  14. Give ’Em Hell Kid // My Chemical Romance
  15. Kickstart My Heart // Motley Crue
  16. Rock is Dead // Marilyn Manson
  17. Na Na Na // My Chemical Romance
  18. Anarchy in the USA // Motley Crue
  19. Run to the Hills // Iron Maiden
  20. Paradise City // Guns N Roses

From this playlist, it’s apparent that Earth 895 is a much darker world than that envisioned by the album Danger Days. The reason for this is simple. The album is a post-holocaust future of our current world (Earth Prime). But, Earth 895 is the future post-holocaust world of Earth 811. Already a nightmare, this world is a desert of meaning, of hope. This meant that the supplemental soundtrack had to be darker, more on the edge, than the MCR album. But, despite itself, there are moments of hope, glimmers of light, on the soundtrack and amidst the rubble of the wasteland. Heroes are emerging. There are people willing to fight for a better tomorrow. And, those that are wandering are not lost.

As has been stated elsewhere, players are encourage to give a listen to the Danger Days album. But, players are also encouraged to get a copy of this soundtrack from me or build it themselves. This playlist, along with the MCR album, will be used at appropriate cinematic moments during play. Can you imagine an all out brawl between the heroes and a platoon of Sentinels to Manson’s The Fight Song? Finally, if players have any songs that they feel captures the mood and themes of the campaign, they’re encouraged to offer suggestions for consideration, either via email or during game time.

Campaign Soundtrack

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