Sgt. Fancy

Leader of a gang of Killjoys operating in the Pacific Northwest


Physical Form:Breed Mutant
Origin of Power:Technical Mishap

Primary Abilities: Secondary Abilities:
Fighting: IN (36) Health: 144
Agility: AM (46) Karma: 88
Strength: RM (26) Resources: GD (10)
Endurance: IN (36) Popularity: -25
Reason: RM (26)
Intuition: IN (36)
Psyche: RM (26)

Stimulus: Antarctic Vibranium
Effect: Power Negation
Duration: Continuous with Contact

  • If Sgt. Fancy comes within 20 feet of Antarctic Vibranium, her powers will cease to function and her Primary Abilities will drop -1CS per 10 turns until a minimum rank of TY (6) is reached for all of them.

Armor Skin – Inorganic: UN (100)

  • Sgt. Fancy’s skin has been permanently transformed into Adamantium Gamma, so named because it is a more flexible variety of the alloy.

Regeneration: MN (75)

  • “Sarge” can recover from any wound and heal at an accelerated 75 times faster than normal rate.

Matter Conversion – Disintegration: AM (50)

  • She has the ability to convert 75 cubic feet (MN) of any matter into pure light up to a range of 484 feet or 11 areas (IN) with a successful Agility FEAT.

Martial Supremacy – Martial Arts B: AM (50)

  • Sgt. Fancy is able to do MN (75) damage against non-living matter. This power’s rank is added to the corresponding Talent rank number, giving her a MN rank in Martial Arts B.

Resistance to Physical Attacks: AM (50)

  • She has increased resistance to any physical attack, such as brute force, chemical weapons, biochemicals, disease, hostile environments or temperature extremes, whether artificial, natural or power based, enabling her to ignore attacks below AM and reduce higher level attacks by AM.

True Flight: AM (50)

  • “Sarge” can fly through water (at 120 mph), air (at 375 mph) or space without any apparent means of propulsion. Acceleration occurs at a rate of +1CS per turn and deceleration occurs at -2CS per turn, with Agility used to determine maneuverability.

Acrobatics: EX +1CS to Agility for Evading, Dodging, Escaping
Genetics: GD +1CS to Reason on matters involving genes, life forms, mutants & diseases
Martial Arts B: EX +1CS to Fighting for unarmed combat
Mutant Studies: GD +1CS to determine origin of powers, weaknesses, kind of powers used, etc.

Physical Description:
She stands 5’6" (1.67 m) tall and weighs approximately 180 lbs., though much of this weight comes from her Adamantium skin. As is the nature of the alloy, her whole body looks like highly polished chrome. While she has been known to go on “Ops” or fight naked, she most often wears black leather pants, calf-length black letter boots and a black leather corset underneath a blue worn leather racing jacket with an AIM flag on the left arm and the symbol of anarchy in black paint on the back panel. As a result of the technical mishap, her entire body is devoid of hair.


Long before she was Sgt. Fancy, she was Emily Little Sky of the Lakota Tribe from Chicago, Illinois. She was born on 12 October 1991 to Robert Black Elk, a Professor of American Indian Art History at the University of Chicago, and RenĂ©e Roux, who worked as a research biologist at the Chicago Center for Biological Systems. With her background in genetics, her mother immediately suspected her daughter’s mutant status, often reminding Emily that she was put on this Earth for something important. Initially, that something important was helping her mother in her work. As a result, she often spent many hours in her mother’s lab, usually as a test subject.

Emily enjoyed helping her mother with her research. She loved the methodical nature of science; being surrounded by the intricate tests and equipment. And, this love would translate into a budding career in biology. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, before moving to Portland, Oregon to try and complete her doctorate in biology at Oregon Health Sciences University. It was while she was working as a research assistant and graduate student at the University that DOHA and Executive Order 14118 were enacted.

Knowing that she was a mutant and knowing her tribe’s history of slaughter and enslavement by the United States government, she chose not to register. As a result, the university suspended her enrollment. However, there were two research fellows who thought her work in biochemistry was too important to be scrapped. Specifically, spurred on by rumors of the existence of Adamantium Beta, she was doing research into ways of utilizing inorganic materials to alter human DNA. So, they offered the clandestine use of their labs to her. She would sneak in, at night, run her experiments and tests, then sneak out before the staff would arrive in the morning.

One night, as she was preparing to test an important part of her theorem, a malfunction occurred with the lab’s injector units (used to introduce inorganic material into biological subjects) and she was caught in the middle. As a consequence of this technical mishap, Sgt. Fancy’s skin cells were fused with the True Adamantium introduced into her system. Instead of killing her, her regenerative powers induced a molecular change in the alloy and it atomically bonded with her skin. She named the new variant Adamantium Gamma. Unfortunately, while she lay on the lab floor, incapacitated and recovering from the mishap, nuclear explosions erupted across the continent. Overnight, the world she knew was gone.

Sgt. Fancy

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