Pornicus Rex

Member of a gang of Killjoys operating in the Pacific Northwest


Physical Form:Breed Mutant
Origin of Power:Natal

Primary Abilities: Secondary Abilities:
Fighting: RM (26) Health: 151
Agility: RM (26) Karma: 78
Strength: IN (36) Resources: GD (10)
Endurance: MN (63) Popularity: -20
Reason: EX (16)
Intuition: RM (26)
Psyche: IN (36)

Stimulus: Energy Dampening
Effect: Incapacitation
Duration: Limited Duration after Contact

  • Pornicus Rex must release the energy pent up within himself by using his powers. If he is prevented from using them, he loses one point of Health per turn until it reaches zero and he is incapacitated. He remains so until his Health returns to 10 points or above, with one point of Health recovered per turn.

Absorption (Electric): IN (40)

  • Pornicus Rex can absorb electrical energy and gain Health points by converting the energy into Self-Healing. He gains 40 Health points each time he is hit by electrical energy.

Carrier Wave: AM (50)

  • Rex can use electrical energy currents to support and propel his body, thus attaining a form of flight. He travel up to 375 mph and carry an additional of 50 tons. Where there is no electrical energy, Rex can still generate a wave using his Electrical Generation power.

Electrical Control: IN (40)

  • He can control all forms of electricity, whether natural, artificial or power based. He can increase the electricity’s Intensity and reduce damage by IN (40). And, with a FEAT roll, he is able to remotely control electrical devices.

Electrical Generation (Lightning): IN (40)

  • Pornicus Rex can create lightning that does Incredible damage and can project this form of electricity through any conductive medium, such as air, water or metal. He also has IN (40) resistance to electricity.

Geoforce: RM (30)

  • He can detect and control geological forces. These include plate movement, stress, faults and vulcanism. His ability to detect forces and materials within the earth (including ground temperature, general mineral composition, specific minerals, locate caves, identify faultlines and stress points) acts within a 12 mile range. His ability to control these forces is limited to appoximately 1 mile. With this power, he can affect up to 300 tons of material.

Telepathy: AM (50)

  • Rex possesses the power to communicate, using only words, on a direct mind-to-mind basis with a mind up to 1,000 miles away.

Anatomy: +1CS when trying to heal or harm a human or mutant body
Architecture: +1CS when attempting to build, design or study an already existing structure
Geology: +1CS on matter involving earth, volcanic activity, surrounding geology, types of rocks and mineral identification
Structural Engineering: +1CS to design, build or modify structural complexes


Pornicus Rex

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